Monday, 10 May 2010

A very short Hackney crime story

Beginning: Yesterday my bike was stolen on Shoreditch High Street despite being locked, with a £70 lock, to a lamp post on a busy pavement next to St Leonard's church. The bike and the lock had both gone.

Middle: The old bike was resurrected this morning and, as I arrived at the bike shop on Chatsworth Road/Brooksby Walk, to get it checked over, so did about 20 cops. Apparently a Loomis security man was robbed on the other side of the street while filling the cash machine. By-standers said it took about 15 minutes for the cops to get there.

End: When I reported the bike theft I was told that iPhones are now the number one items being stolen on the streets of Hackney.

The moral: Should we be bracing ourselves for a busy criminal summer?

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