Sunday, 26 April 2015

Should Hackney politicians have serious views on the supernatural?

Last week, during a shameful episode of self-Googling, I discovered that a 2009 Blood and Property post had been revisited by Iain Sinclair in his 2011 book Ghost Milk. Here's a link to the excerpt in Google Books:  

The original posts he referred to were:

Is the supernatural significant (in Hackney politics)?
Survey responses in Do Hackney Politicians believe in ghosts?
This was interpreted by Chris French, Psychology professor at Goldsmiths.
And Iain provided a quote about it too at the time: Sinclair scorns councillor ghost stories.

With the General Election coming up, is it worth putting a question like this to Meg or Diane? Last time (2010) Meg said: 'To be brutally honest I've got better things to do with my time than answer questions like that' - but she did answer lots of other questions about what she hoped to do as an opposition MP.

Otherwise, to find out what policies you really like when the party labels are removed take this survey here: