Saturday, 1 May 2010

Nazis... complaints, crackheads, alkies


Read Election Selection on to find out which Hackney North candidate this might be wearing a swastika. There's some other interesting background here: "master of the black arts to speak at the springbok club" and here.

Otherwise, I've had a complaint about the presentation of the last Blood and Property story about Suzanne Moore (corrected version). It was pointed out that people like me make it difficult for people to be honest - and it could be the reason why politics is full of people who are as boring and faceless as me. Any way, it was not my intention to discourage honesty, so I apologise.

A little nervously, here's another interesting Suzanne Moore story - written by herself - in which she says that while canvassing in Hackney she has met "a series of crackheads, alkies and people who said they won’t vote" although she said a few other things too.

Leaving aside the crackheads and alkies, the issue of not voting now seems to be approaching the top of the political agenda in Hackney. In a video discussion (Question Dine) the biggest bust-up was when Hackney politicians - Diane Abbott and Andrew Boff - clashed with Worldwrite volunteers over the issue of not voting. The discussion led the makers to investigate the issue on the streets of Dalston.

Then back to where John Eden's story Election Selection (the same as above) where he wrote: "So it’s easy to say “don’t vote – it only encourages them” and in fact I probably won’t. I am certainly not going to “vote x to keep y out” because that just perpetuates the whole charade."

I've never voted either.

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