Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Meg Hillier: Zero tolerance of Lib Dems

There's not much in this piece from the Times other than: "Harriet Harman, acting party leader, later convened a meeting of Labour MPs where anger was voiced towards the Tories’ new partners in government. Meg Hillier, a former Home Office minister, demanded that Labour abandon co-operation deals with the Lib Dems on local councils."

Both of Meg's Labour MP predecessors in Hackney South defected to the liberals... "Oddly enough two Labour MPs for Hackney South in a row have defected to the centre party. Ron Brown, MP for Hackney South and Shoreditch from 1974-1983 defected to the SDP in 1981, when he was defeated by Labour`s Brian Sedgemore. Sedgemore in turn defected to the Liberal Democrats shortly before 2005 when he stood down from Parliament. In the 1990s the Liberal Democrats enjoyed success at a local level here, but it never translated into Parliamentary strength and following a difficult period of Liberal Democrat-Conservative control of Hackney council they largely collapsed, leaving every council seat in this ward in the hands of Labour."


  1. Possibly Ms Hillier is upset that one of the first glorious victims of our new coalition government was the much-hated ID cards and NIR scheme.

    That and a commitment to end child-detention for immigrants, although I'm reserving judgement on that one until we hear what they're going to do instead...

  2. Not sure how it's going to help Hackney win cash from this government which is probably Meg's main job now. If it does help Hackney win resources then fair enough, but it just looks like party stuff, not Hackney stuff at the moment.

  3. Labour seem quite bitter at all levels - their activists online have been shockingly shallow since it became obvious that a lib/lab coalition wasn't going to happen. I'm sure the new government will have plenty of policies ripe for criticism, whining about the mere existence of the coalition seems unproductive - very poor opposition. Still, early days.