Thursday, 20 May 2010

Sorry, Diane Abbott 20-1, fifth behind Ed Balls

Last night's post said 100-1 for Diane Abbott to be leader of Labour Party. That's now changed to 20-1 since announcing that she'll actually be taking part in the race.

According to Paddy Power she's now fifth behind Ed Balls who lives in Hackney.

Before the election she let it slip to the Independent that she was thinking of running for Mayor of London - discussed here.

Who was she talking to (apart from Operation Black Vote) about her leadership bid? Meg Hillier? Not long ago Meg told the Times: "It looks like it’s becoming a beauty contest of young men in their forties in smart suits.” Or another Hackney resident and Times political columnist and sometime critic of Hackney council's anti middle-class stance on sure start centres, Rachel Sylvester: "It says something about the Labour gene pool that all the serious candidates for the leadership are white Oxbridge-educated men in their forties who were special advisers in 1997. They are, as John McDonnell — the leftwinger who is standing but won’t win — put it “the sons of Blair and sons of Brown.”

Clearly it wasn't black commentator Lester Holloway, (Wikipedia profile) and (apparently editor of OBV's blog) who said in his own blog yesterday(about the OBV piece): "I hazard a guess this is not a serious suggestion but merely a means of promoting the need for black politicians and women at the highest level in politics. If so, it may be better to stick to the arguments rather than personalising the issue around one occasionally divisive personality. The fact is, Britain does not have an Obama yet."

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