Monday, 24 May 2010

Has Oona King dashed Diane's real hope?

Today Oona King announced that she would fight Ken Livingstone for selection as Labour's London mayoral candidate. Was this post the real target of Diane Abbott - she hinted as much to the Independent before the election?

Is this rivalry between the Labour Party's two most prominent black women or has there been an agreement? May be their relationship has improved since 1997 (from the Independent in 1997): "There is also, it is said, a "history" between her and the first black woman to be an MP, Diane Abbott, about whether or not Ms King tried to take Ms Abbott's seat in the neighbouring constituency, Hackney North. A Labour Party source described the relations between the two as "at best an armed neutrality".

There was some mention of Diane in Oona King's autobiography "House Music" but I can't remember if it was happy or not.

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