Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Tony Blair catches Diane Abbott in leadership stakes

After a pre-election suggestion that Diane Abbott could fight to be the next Mayor of London now Operation Black Vote (who brought Al Sharpton to Hackney Schools) think Diane should lead the Labour Party.

Back in January Political Betting said bookmakers were giving Diane an 80 to 1 chance, just ahead of Tony Blair. Now Paddy Power has her at 100 to 1 and joint 18th-in-line alongside Tony Blair and John Hutton.

Another Hackney council mention in Private Eye


  1. She was clearly waiting for the crucial B&P mention before announcing ;-)

  2. Clearly! Sadly it's one of the very few almost correct stories about Diane Abbott on this blog - (I remember writing a lot of stuff about how she was losing her core support...) How did Simon Wooley of OBV know, or was it just a big coincidence?

  3. BNP (Black National Party)

    The BNP (Black National Party) has been created to expedite the work of the Race Equality Secret Service (RESS).

    The BNP (Black National Party) gets stronger as "STORMFRONT" gets weaker.