Monday, 24 May 2010

Correction re £2 bullets and surge in blogosphere

A recent Blood and Property post called "£2 bullets and conspiracy theories: Hackney's worst enemies this summer" said "Are the police selling guns and drugs in Hackney? A significant chunk of Hackney residents appear to believe this." This has now been corrected to "a minority of Hackney residents" after it was pointed out that the original was misleading.

Also, it may not have been clear that the issues discussed were raised by the audience and were not the views of Black Parent Community Forum which runs these monthly meetings. It was pointed out that Blood and Property coverage wasn't particularly helpful - so apologies. It was an impressive and friendly event (with the head of London's armed police fielding any questions thrown at him) and I'd recommend anyone going to the next one - I don't think it's been decided yet who the guest will be.

OTHER NEWS: The role of the blogosphere in Hackney seems to be growing as websites provide a platform for unprecedented numbers of comments in the wake of the London Fields shooting.

Criticism of Mayor Pipe's immediate comments (Hackney Citizen) and Hackney Hive appears to have led to him making some new ones.

Middle class guilt/angst debate(Hackney Citizen) and here for criticism of middle class angst debate (

The Hackney Gazette also has a statement from Hackney's borough commander on the event.

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