Monday, 3 May 2010

Is Diane on the ropes? "Black people will kick themselves"

Diane Abbott told the Voice that it is her middle class constituents who are talking about voting Lib Dem.

The Voice reports her saying: "I think my working class voters will vote for me and my middle class voters have been asking a lot about the Lib dems."

But she also said: “Black people will kick themselves if they wake up on May 7th and discover that we have David Cameron as our Prime Minister.”

Could this be a confirmation of Lib Dem candidate Keith Angus' claim that Diane's Afro-Caribbean support is deserting her? Angus re-iterated this claim on Sunday after the hustings at the North London Muslim Centre (Mayor Pipe says Learning Trust is "disgusting").

He told Blood and Property that Hackney's Afro-Caribbean residents are turning to the Lib Dems in greater numbers than he's ever seen. He said that he had been canvassing in the borough for two an half years.

Ian Sharer, leader of Hackney's Lib Dem group, also said that he hadn't seen anything like either.


  1. Interesting observation by Diane but probably exactly the wrong way around? In Hackney South, we're finding that the Lib Dem support is amazingly strong on council estates. It's the 'middle class champagne socialists' who are still backing Labour.

  2. Thanks Dave. There's not much news at all on what's going on in Hackney South. Hackney North seems to be making all the noise - any more info on what is going on would be great - do you get the impression that voters care that their MP is a minister - or that she might have something to do with Yarl's Wood, DNA, ID etc, etc...