Monday, 15 February 2010

Socialists to challenge Diane and other news

Dave Osler ( Dave's Part) says the Socialist Party is considering putting up a challenger against Diane Abbott. He said: "Hackney should be promising territory. Historically there is a strong far left tradition, and to this day, there are probably several thousand communists, anarchists and Trots in the borough. If it puts in the effort, the SP can reasonably expect several hundred votes, and may even reach the sunlit uplands of four-figure support." With 32 comments.

Diane recently told Blood and Property that a large number of her supporters are church goers. So the plans of the Christian Party could also chip away at her majority. Meanwhile Dave Hill discounts reports that Diane might be planning to run for Mayor of London on his Clapton Pond blog (and Dave thanks for mentioning this blog in it).

However few are suggesting a serious upset, apart from the Lib Dems - a claim which has been dissected by Green Party candidate Matt Sellwood who says of Lib Dem Candidate Keith Angus: "I think, however, that he's in trouble if he thinks he is convincing anyone that he is about to deliver Hackney North for the Lib Dems."

Meanwhile a new Hackney blogger: Loving Dalston says Mischa Borris will be running for mayor, and suggests that Jules Pipe is likely to be considering one of the many safe Labour parliamentary seats now available.

Loving Dalston also reports that Diane's home will now be in her constituency due to a change of boundaries.

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  1. Just a quick correction to the last sentence in this post. The change of boundaries won't affect Diane's house. She still doesn't live in the area she represents. Even Diane can't change geography!