Friday, 12 February 2010

Jules Pipe: "pale, male, stale apparatchik of new Labour?"

A piece by George Galloway in Morning Star accuses Labour of only supporting directly elected mayoral processes in places where they can guarantee the outcome.

"All of them are multicultural and inner-city, just like Tower Hamlets - Hackney (elected mayor Jules Pipe), Newham (elected mayor Robin Wales) and Lewisham (elected mayor Steve Bullock).

According to Labour, the mayoral system has produced these three "outstanding" leaders of diverse communities, but a mayor would somehow be divisive in Tower Hamlets.

How can that be? Could it be that the result in Tower Hamlets, where there is a credible left electoral force, might not be someone who is a pale, male, stale apparatchik of new Labour?"


  1. As often wrong as he is right, leftie George puts a plausible argument in his Morning Star piece. Prompts me to wonder who Labour is going to put up for Hackney mayor in 2010; surely Big Juley must be lobbying for a safe Labour seat? He looks youngish and his mayoral salary could be good, so perhaps he will do one more Hackney term before making a run on Westminster. Worth watching. -- David

  2. I had just assumed that he'd be running for Mayor again but I suppose there's never going to be another opportunity like this with so many parliamentary seats up for grabs.
    I've got no idea what people have to do to forge a career in politics. I always seem to forget that politicians are still just earning a living- I wonder how many of Galloway's pale,stale,males will make a bolt for safer ground?