Monday, 8 February 2010

Dave vs Diane - Will she vote for her MP Meg?

In case you haven't seen the comment section of this (old - Jan 27) post on Hackney Lib Dem candidate, Dave Raval - Telegraph City Diary and Hackney South's Lib Dem candidate...

For a while the only comments were Diane's denial that she doesn't live in Hackney (and a correction - yes she does live in Hackney). But, Hackney South Lib Dem Candidate, Dave Raval, didn't mean she didn't live in Hackney:

Dave said: "I’ll respond to your points separately. Firstly, I said that neither Labour MP for Hackney live in the area they represent. This is true - it’s is a simple fact. This is what I wrote on my website,, in reply to Diane Abbott’s comment there. Clearly I have hit on something that the Labour MPs feel touchy about!

"Diane - Thanks for looking at my website! Much appreciated.

"You do indeed live in Hackney, you live in Hackney South and your MP is Meg Hillier. (Meg doesn't live in Hackney).

"In fact, I was planning to canvass you since (whilst I am sure publicly you have to categorically say that you intend to vote Labour, and I don't expect you to respond in any other way on this site), I suspect that actually there is a high chance that you don't support the current Labour leadership and it is a secret ballot after all...

"The point I am making is that, unlike many MPs, including Meg Hillier, I am dedicated to the area I am standing in and have proven it by moving here. Do I think that's the most important thing in politics - no I don't, but it does show commitment and I think people should be able to make up their own minds about this, armed with the facts".

"The other question you asked was – what car I drive!! That one is simple to answer – it is an ultra low carbon Mini, with a British flag on the roof. It’s low carbon because I care about the environment (I don’t drive it much in the first place) and I put the flag there as I’m fed up with the racist parties in this country claiming it for themselves. As a mixed-race Brit, the British flag is mine too!

"If you’re still curious, there’s a photo on, click on “Green Living” in the “About Dave” section (just above my photo). Still amazed that the car made it into the Daily Telegraph though...

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