Thursday, 18 February 2010

Hackney unemployment deteriorates fastest

Unemployment in Hackney - or the number of people claiming Job Seekers Allowance - rose by 162 in January according to figures released this month. The number of claimants in Hackney is now up to 9,905, or 6.9% of the working population of 140,000.

Last month figures from the Office of National Statistics showed there were 9743 JSA claimants in Hackney (6.7% of working population).

Hackney has had the highest unemployment rate of all London boroughs since October and the gap has been steadily widening.

The next worst borough is Tower Hamlets which has 6.6% of its work force claiming JSA, up from 6.5% last month.

The gap between Hackney and Tower Hamlets widened in January and December.

In October Tower Hamlets and Hackney had equal highest percentage claiming JSA. But the situation either improved more slowly in Hackney or deteriorated more quickly and the gap between Hackney and other London boroughs has widened.

January: 9,905 (6.9%) - next highest is Tower Hamlets at 6.6%
December: 9743 (6.7%) - next highest was Tower Hamlets at 6.5%
November: 9,795 (6.8%) - next highest was Tower Hamlets at 6.7%
October: 9,827 (6.8%) - equal highest with Tower Hamlets.
September: 9,884 (7%)
August 9,826 (6.9%)
July: 9550 (6.7%)

Divided into constituencies: - Diane Abbott (North) and Meg Hillier (South) -
Meg Hillier Vs Diane Abbott on unemployment (I did ask where Diane got her figures but have had no reply)

Hackney North
May - 4,081
June - 4,118
July - 4206
August - 4,331
September - 4,338
October - 4365
November - 4386 (6.3%)
December - 4331 (6.2%)
January - 4,402 (6.3%)

Hackney South
May - 5,296
June - 5,190
July - 5,344
August - 5,495
September - 5,546 (7.8%)
October - 5,462
November - 5,409 (7.5%)
December - 5,412 (7.5%)
January - 5503 (7.6%)

However, as Yvette Cooper pointed out earlier this month, the situation in Hackney is not nearly as bad as it has been in the past: Minister: Hackney unemployment nothing to complain about.


  1. Actually the figures are worse than that, according to the new Hackney Heckler taking into account jobless people hidden in the statistics, even leaving out IB claimants the numbers were more like 19,400 which is something like er, 14% I think?

  2. Hi Simon, thanks for that. I'll have a look. I know that the 'worklessness' figure is still high in Hackney but fell a lot - ONS doesn't up date that figure monthly. I wrote something about the unlikely - and certainly unexplained - fall in worklessness in Hackney. But I'm not very good with these figures so that's probably not what you're talking about. I'll have a look.