Saturday, 27 February 2010

Is it healthy to ignore a drive-by shooting?

It looks like this drive-by shooting on Chatsworth Road was never going to be reported.
The police statement claims Trident detectives were appealing for information and witnesses about the crime but the crime had taken place over a week before there was any publicity.

My life could have gone on quite happily without knowing that this event had ever occurred. I live a block away from that takeaway and walk past it most days. I didn't notice the bullet holes until a friend - who was told about it by the dentist opposite - told me about it.

So what's my point? Just that there are likely to be lots of people around Chatsworth road who did know that this crime had taken place or may even have been affected by it. And whoever these people were, they might have been reassured if they had known that arrests had been made.

And that may well be the reason police did not publicise this shooting - precisely because arrests had been made. This means that there will be reporting restrictions in place to protect the rights of the suspects until a trial is held.

But this would not have prevented a statement being made - as it eventually was - explaining what had happened and what was being done about it.

At least I hope that is the reason why the police didn't high light this crime and automatically provide information about it to local papers like the Hackney Gazette.

Hopefully is wasn't the result of pressure to 'handle' crime publicity more positively in order to close "the reassuance gap" - (Apparently politicians and senior policemen are not happy at how slow the public are to cotton on to cuts in crime figures - as discussed here: Can Pipe push the police?)

An even worse excuse would be that these drive-by shootings are so common that we should all be used to them by now.

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