Friday, 5 February 2010

BNP: Labour can't rely on christian or muslim voters

The BNP reaffirmed that it aims to field a candidate in the Hackney mayoral election. In an interview with the News Shopper the party's London organiser said: “It’s going to be difficult. The Labour Party think they’ve got the ethnic vote sewn up - that’s why they imported all these people and gave them passports.

“But a lot of people who follow Islam won’t be following Labour because of their wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“They can’t rely on the Nigerian Christian vote because of their support for abortion and championing of gay rights above what’s right and normal.”


  1. Let's hope that whoever stands in Hackney's election will not knuckle under to the anti-democratic pressure of the 'equality' industry, as exemplified in another London Borough, Bexley.
    THE director of Bexley’s newly created diversity and equality council...Lux Anandarajah says candidates must avoid making immigration and asylum seekers an election issue...'

    This kind of totalitarian
    mentality is a menace. Obviously both immigration and 'asylum seekers' cost us millions annually and should be the subject of heated debate in any election in the UK.

  2. I'm not going to go all totalitarian on you but I'm more interested in how much less money hackney gets as a borough, or how many fewer cops, or how many more unemployed we can expect - either as a result of a conservative gov coming in or just financial problems. If the BNP do stand here, I'm not sure how much time will be spent talking about these things.