Friday, 5 February 2010

Minister: Hackney unemployment nothing to complain about

Department of Work and Pensions minister Yvette Cooper told the CESI (Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion): "In some of the big cities hit most heavily by the previous recession, the difference is even more pronounced. The proportion of people claiming Jobseekers Allowance in Manchester is currently 5.7 percent, compared to 13.9 percent in the 90s recession. In Liverpool, it’s 7.5 percent compared to 14 percent in the 90s. In Hackney 6.8 percent compared to 17.7 percent last time round.

"It is worth reflecting on why things have been different this time round."

So relatively speaking the unemployment problem is low - so may be it doesn't matter if Hackney is showing the slowest employment recovery in London.

Lots of complaining about Hackney Job Centre Plus in this Guardian article.

And Meg Hillier also noted the centenary of job centres on her website.

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