Monday, 28 June 2010

Why is a famous economist living in 'grimmest' Hackney?

Tim Harford, the FT's Undercover Economist (author of The Undercover Economist and Logic of Life and probably other things too) explains how chicken shops, massage parlours, crack dens and murders on your doorstep affect the price of your property.

In a blog post called "Fried chicken versus fresh air" he writes: "I asked the estate agent Anne Currell to tell me what would really bring down the value of my house. She sounded like she was reading from my neighbourhood yellow pages: pubs with late licences; takeaway food; garages; tyre shops; massage parlours; and betting shops. She didn’t mention crack dens, but I think they’re not good for property values either."

Meanwhile a recent post by Paul Stott at I intend to escape... notes how Hackney Homes is turning to religion.

He asks: "Should Hackney Homes be working with an organisation that seeks the 'advancement of Islam'? It is certainly ironic that the Turkish state was predicated on the belief that progress and advancement could only come from reducing the role of religion in government, yet here in the UK the opposite process now seems to be actively encouraged!"

Considering the many varied views of Hackney's politicians on the issue of the supernatural - I wonder how decisions are made about which religions are chosen to work with?

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