Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Learning Trust replies to NUT allegations about Haggerston

Learning Trust response to questions about Haggerston School's Ofsted report: NUT: Learning Trust ignored warnings about Haggerston

Blood and Property: Hackney NUT has said that the Learning Trust's support of the former head of Haggerston school was a major cause of its problems - do you agree?

Learning Trust: Rather than entering a debate about the past, we’d rather focus on the future. As the Ofsted report concludes, Haggerston is an improving and forward-thinking school with a new leadership team that has made a significant and positive impact in a short period of time. We are confident, like Ofsted, that the school is well placed for further sustained and rapid improvement.

Blood and Property: An NUT press release says "At the time the NUT criticised the restructuring as being unworkable and having a major impact on student’s progress. Now OFSTED has agreed, identified this area as a weakness." - do you agree ofsted has confirmed NUT concerns?

Learning Trust: The Ofsted report makes it clear that there has been a clear improvement since the last inspection in 2006. The report rated the school as ‘good’ in over half the categories it was judged and concluded that the headteacher and senior leaders have established a culture of high expectations. Staff morale is good following the best GCSE results in the school’s history last year and we’re hopeful of even better results this summer

Blood and Property: NUT added: "This dispute could have been avoided last summer if the Learning Trust had refused to back the restructuring. Instead they helped push it through. Now they are very silent over the OFSTED report." - do you agree with this... and are you very silent?

Learning Trust: If you’re talking about local press coverage, we have provided Hackney Gazette with a detailed statement on the Ofsted report, stressing how pleased we are with the improvements identified by the inspectors.

Blood and Property: Before his re-election in May, Mayor Jules Pipe said that the Learning Trust was disgusting. Has that relationship improved?

Learning Trust: Think you’re misreporting his comments there slightly. The Learning Trust and the London Borough of Hackney share an excellent working relationship and partnership.

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