Thursday, 10 June 2010

Hackney brothel closure - and leadership update

A story posted in the Jewish Chronicle yesterday reported the closure of a brothel in Stamford Hill using a new law for the first time in Hackney.

Apparently complaints about the place had been made for "more than five years".

Both Detective Inspector Kevin Hyland from the Metropolitan Police and Hackney Labour Councillor, Sophie Linden, called the place a brothel.

Hyland said: "Residents were subject to anti-social behaviour and crime due to the presence of this brothel."

Linden said: "I hope that this successful use of new laws will give residents, who were complaining about noise and abuse from brothel visitors, a greater sense of security and peace of mind."

Good news for residents but taking five years to shut down a noisy brothel next to a children's centre doesn't sound reassuring.

Will this new law be put to use in other Hackney establishments? And could it be related to fears over a burgeoning sex industry in Olympic boroughs to cater for construction workers: Is prostitution in Hackney soaring?


An alleged conversation between Diane Abbott and another Labour MP - Wayne David - in the run up to the Party's leadership nominations. Conservative blogger Iain Dale, claims to be confident that the conversation took place in a lift in Portcullis House. Dale said: "And she wondered why she had difficulty in getting 33 nominations..."

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