Monday, 1 March 2010

Third accuser - has Meg misled parliament?

Yesterday (Monday) Diane Abbott wrote a piece in the Guardian which pushed a confrontation she'd had with Meg Hillier in Parliament - Hackney MP mums battle over motherhood - to a new level.

This time Diane came close to accusing Meg of misleading parliament in relation to Yarl's Wood detention centre: "Although the ministers might query the details of some of their cases, the overall picture is very different from the one painted by the minister in her letter to colleagues."

But she isn't the first. In 2008 this letter also accused Meg Hillier of passing incorrect information to Parliament: "It's come to my attention that on September 30th, a letter was sent out by Meg Hillier, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, at the Home Office. The letter was sent to several MPs, who had enquired on behalf of their constituents, about the treatment on Baby C in Yarl's Wood, in June 2008... In this letter, Meg Hillier assures MPs that Brian Pollett and Jeremy Oppenheim were reviewing this case personally... I have to inform you that this is factually incorrect...."

In January Blood and Property asked "Did Meg Hillier mislead parliament?" after a piece in Open Democracy (Roll calls, body searches and sex games by Clare Sambrook) which said Meg had perpetuated misrepresentations and created new ones about Yarl's Wood.

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