Sunday, 28 March 2010

Hackney hustings desert: report from the Lib Dems

Here's Lib Dem candidate Keith Angus' view of the first Hustings of the election: No longer a Hustings virgin.

Keith says Diane Abbott turned up 15 minutes before the debate ended and then joked that she'd blame the people of Hackney if she looked flustered on This Week (which she did - could this explain the last two posts? Diane to publish her medical records and Observer: Diane Abbott has dangerous attitude)

There's other interesting stuff in Keith's report but the final punch line is that the people of Hackney should be demanding more debates from their prospective MPs:

Keith wrote: "There was one thing all four of us agreed on (me, Diane, the Tory and the Green) after the meeting had finished. It’s pretty poor that this is the only hustings we have in our diaries at the moment."

Anyone know who or how these hustings are organised?

I was also wondering what happened on Saturday with Meg Hillier's visit to Leabank Square and Hackneywick.blogspot


  1. I'd certainly welcome more hustings - particularly if Diane comes along to the whole thing next time.

    Maybe I can even get Keith to call me Matt, rather than "The Green". :)


  2. P.S. Hustings can be organised by anyone really - its just that it takes some work to get the candidates in one place, and to advertise it so that enough people come/secure a venue etc. I know that Hackney Unites are considering one, and think that the Gazette might also look into it - but they need to get their skates on to advertise it in plenty of time, really.

  3. Hi Matt (The Green). I still haven't sent you any questions. It's mainly because I'm trying to revise for some exams at the moment so not being very efficient. I might give the Gazette a call and find out about the hustings plans.
    I wonder if the world of Hackney bloggers would be up for organising something like a hustings?