Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Newham and Haringey demand equality with Hackney for schools cash

Two days ago Haringey MP Lynne Featherstone wrote about a campaign to equalise pupil funding with Hackney.

Today Newham joined the fray. The Newham Recorder said the borough receives £5,071 per head of pupil compared with boroughs like Hackney and Tower Hamlets which get £6,170 and £6,289 per student.

The paper said: "The Newham campaign, 4in10: The End Child Poverty London Project has handed in a petition to Ministers signed by close to 1,000 supporters, calling for the review to deliver a fair deal for Newham's children."

Some boroughs are also complaining that Hackney has more than its fair share of policemen.

Could this be a dilemma for Hackney politicians? Tone down the success stories on crime and education to encourage more funding - or tone them up to encourage more voters? Here Mayor Pipe discusses the cash gathering game... at least when there isn't an election around the corner: The message must be clear not true

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