Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Lib Dems leave Hackney strategy in a pub - is there an opposition conspiracy?

Apparently the Lib Dems left their election strategy for Hackney in the Wellington Pub on Balls Pond Road last week. Blood and Property has been told that the Labour activists who found it were not particularly surprised by its contents but were pleased for the confirmation.

The document allegedly says the target wards for Lib Dem canvassing are Cazenove, Brownswood, Hoxton and Hackney Central.

A source told Blood and Property that the combined campaign efforts of the Lib Dems, Greens and Conservatives look as if they may have been co-ordinated. So are opposition parties doing their best not to step on each others toes?

The conspiracy theory is that the Greens are targeting Stoke Newington Central and Clissold while the Conservatives are concentrating on the wards they already hold but also on Queensbridge and De Beauvoir.

If all of these were successful, then Hackney would have a hung council.

Matt Sellwood spotted the Labour Party habit of pushing this hung council phobia earlier this month. He provided a detailed break down with pie-charts and all: Labour's hung council ploy

Hopefully there is some truth in the conspiracy theories. May be the opposition parties should be working together. With any luck they'll have a bit more power to hold the Labour monolith to account after May 6.


  1. Hi

    I don't normally post comments on blogs but it's worth responding to this one. The paper in question was a flyer promoting up-coming action days for our supporters which did indeed mention the four wards above. It also mentioned other areas and in the past week or so I've been out and about across all my constituency. Looking at my Hackney wall map I can't see any ward in Hackney North that I haven't been in during that time.

    But I like the creative idea of a conspiracy!


    Keith (Angus, Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for Hackney North)

  2. Hi Keith, thanks for that. Sadly I believe anything that any body tells me until someone else tells me different. Which you've done. But I did speak to Andrew Boff and he said that there was cooperation between opposition parties in Hackney so its not a totally daft idea - conspiracy may be a bit of a strong word though!