Thursday, 8 April 2010

"Fuck me shoes" columnist to take on Diane Abbott

Suzanne Moore, Mail on Sunday columnist and (I think) Hackney North and Stoke Newington resident, tweeted yesterday that she will be standing as an independent candidate - I saw the story on this Guardian blog: A tale of two Stokes

If she's serious, whose votes will she be after? I had a quick look to see how often she mentions Hackney in her stories.

Using Google news search - it's not that much. She describes getting burgled, criticises Diane Abbott and praises Brian Paddick in this Jan 2008 piece: If only burglars lived on Planet Statistics.

Comments on Hackney Council banning Iain Sinclair's book launch at the end of this story.

Otherwise I couldn't see much. Here's a list of her latest columns

Surprisingly I couldn't find much about her anywhere - her Wikipedia entry is bare - entering "fuck me shoes" and Suzanne Moore provided more interesting but old info:

From the Independent: "Suzanne Moore, whom Prof Greer attacked in 1995 for her "hair bird's- nested all over the place, fuck-me shoes and three fat inches of cleavage", admitted: "If Germaine attacked me for my writing, it would be far more worthy than to attack me for my shoes". The attack was in response to Ms Moore's comments on an inaccurate report that Prof Greer had a hysterectomy at 25."

2. Apparently, in common with Diane Abbott, she shares a dislike of Rod Liddle (details of PCC finding against the Spectator over piece which started ongoing spat with Diane).

Times and Daily Mail fuel Hackney class war


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  2. I haven't got one. I need to sort that out. It seems to be where everything happens now.

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