Monday, 19 April 2010

Black commentator mobilises against Suzanne Moore

Darcus Howe, writing in the Voice, didn't sound too concerned about the traditional Lib Dem, Green and Conservative challengers to Diane Abbott, just the independent Suzanne Moore.

"And lo and behold a journalist from the Daily Mail, Suzanne Moore, pops her head above the parapet to challenge Diane Abbott in the coming election in a seat she has held for 23 years...

"I phoned Diane immediately after I read Moore’s rant offering her my services. I have friends and acquaintances in that constituency. I will ring around inviting them to participate in my one in ten mobilisation. Each one will be invited to mobilise ten friends and associates and each of the ten will mobilise another ten and so on.

"Suzanne Moor has little interest in the issues at large, those that affect black and Asian people, particularly in these sad and racist times."

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