Saturday, 28 August 2010

Smoking crack and cutting throats in Hackney

Well there's not much going on in Hackney. But in San Diego they're looking at a photo called: "Chris helps his girlfriend Mona smoke crack in their apartment in Hackney London":

It is one of several taken in 2009 by New York photographer Seb Meyer. His blog explains how he took the pictures and includes a bizarre run-in with Hackney Police officers.

A quote from Seb Meyer's blog: "When they (the police) couldn’t find anything, they started accusing me of paying for prostitution.

“You were seen going into a toilet with a known prostitute.”

“Who are you calling a prostitute?” shouted Sam.

“Samantha Johnson?”


“You’re known to the police as a prostitute.”

“Ok. That’s true.”

They turned back to me. “I think you went into the toilet, smoked drugs, and got a hand job from this woman.”

For something a bit lighter, there used to be road in Hackney called Cut throat lane. Photographer Michal Jaworski points this out in his blog as well as this: I'd heard of trees called black poplars because they are very rare British trees. He says there are a few of them in Hackney.

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