Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Vietnamese gang link to Eddie Thompson murder?

Are these related? This November 2009 story from the Mirror's crime correspondent sounds similar to a recent police statement about the Eddie Thompson murder.

The Mirror story is called: "15-year-old thug caught with a loaded gun used in murder gets just 12 months"

It says: "The youth, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was caught with a loaded Baikal pistol, which had been used in a murder the day before.

"Detectives found the weapon had been fired on at least four other occasions in the previous month."

Sound familiar? In Eddie Thompson's murder a 15-year-old was caught with the murder weapon a day later, it too had been used in other "non-fatal shootings" and the 15-year-old was also given a 12 month sentence.

There was, however, a piece bit of information that set the Mirror story apart from the recent police statement: "The 15-year-old, a member of a Vietnamese gang, had a previous conviction for street robbery."

At the moment Blood and Property has no evidence that this Mirror story is about the same case (Eddie Thompson was murdered in September 2009 this case appears to have been heard a month later).

If these are the same events, then does it raise questions about gun use in Hackney? Did this weapon change hands swiftly between diverse groups or was something else going on?

How many school-age children in Hackney have these kinds of convictions and how have schools supressed gang violence?

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