Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Silence of Diane... and Cllr says it's going to hurt

Silence of Diane

The Hackney Gazette's online report of Diane Abbott's failure to answer questions on the Today Programme included links to the Today Programme and This Week - a bit of a revolution at the Gazette? Was this total silence on privately educating her son an attempt to bully editors into cutting her interview? Next time may be she'll try swearing a lot. She's had seven years to work out an answer to this question!

It's going to hurt

Labour Councillor Louisa Thomson, also of We Love Stoke Newington, has written and article for Progress Magazine called: "What are community organisers for"

She asks: "Who are these mysterious groups of community organisers? And as others have pointed out, shouldn't we be training community activists to be Labour party organisers rather than the other way round?"

At the end of the piece she said: "Labour is in control in Hackney, so we're in a position to put down our markers against the ideological small state agenda. But all the angry motions in the world won't help us when it comes to having to make tough choices...

"In Hackney, we are bracing ourselves for the 25 per cent cuts rumoured for the autumn spending review. We have a reputation now for sound financial management and efficiency savings, but overall we're a group of Labour councillors that isn't used to having to have these discussions and it's going to hurt."


  1. Small World! great to see your interest and dissemination of the opinions of our elected representatives. Yours in pandemonium.

  2. Jed, I'll be compiling the highlights of your latest rants at progress and the citizen and your FOI stuff.