Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Hackney Vietnamese drug dealer kidnapped and murdered

Surrey Today reports that another man has been jailed for his involvement in the murder of a Vietnamese drug dealer who lived in South Hackney until his kidnap and murder in 2008.

Four men were sentenced to life for his murder and one for manslaughter in November 2009. Yesterday a sixth man, Hung Mai, 27, was sentenced to nine years, also for manslaughter.

According to court reports, Khach Nguyen, a 36-year-old father of three, was kidnapped from Hackney where he lived. He and his driver were taken to an isolated farm in Surrey where they were beaten and held to ransom before being released back in Hackney.

However Nguyen's injuries were so serious that he died later on the same day.

The alleged reason for his kidnap and murder was over £30,000 worth of cannabis that Nguyen was selling in Sutton but which, a court was told, had been stolen at gunpoint by another gang.

In 2009, Surrey Today reported on the murder trial: "Prosecutor Victor Temple QC said: "These six defendants were members of a well-organised criminal concern that specialised in large sale supply of cannabis."

"Mr Nguyen and his chauffeur Phuc Tran were the go-betweens in a drug deal due to take place near a McDonalds in Sutton. But they were held at gunpoint and robbed of the haul worth £30,000.

"Mr Temple said: "These six defendants, together with three or four others all came to the conclusion that Khach Nguyen and Phuc Tran had stolen or had arranged for others to steal £30,000 of cannabis belonging to their organisation.

"Both men were kidnapped and driven to a remote farmhouse building in Surrey."

Two Surrey Today reports: November 2009, murder trial and July 2010, manslaughter trial

One from the Hackney Gazette: August 2008

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