Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Turkish gang war in Hackney?

Another murder in Clapton. The best information comes from Hackney blogger raggy dee ann whose piece: Tit For Tat Drug Turf Killing In Upper Clapton.

Update from Islington Gazette

She says she got the background from cab and bus drivers: "Word on the street is that this killing is in retaliation for last Saturdays killing of a 23 year old Turkish man, Oktay Erbasli, whom police believe was also in retaliation for another killing. The two drug gangs involved are the Tottenham Boys gang, whom Erbasli was a member of and a rival gang called Bombacilar."

The only other mention of the incident I could find was: Gang war fear after second shooting
from Press Association: "A 21-year-old Turkish man was gunned down near a cafe in Hackney, east London, shortly before 11pm on Monday. Paramedics raced to Ickburgh Road, a short distance from Clapton railway station, but were unable to save his life. Two men in their 20s were arrested at the scene and were being questioned by murder squad detectives."

The Sun covered the Tottenham shooting
Is this a rerun of: Turkish gangs spark brutal heroin war?

One of the gangs mentioned by Raggy Dee Ann- bombacilar - was the subject of this piece Turkish gang problem? written back in April.

Turkish gang problem in Hackney: According to the Islington Gazette a Turkish Gang called "Bombacilar" may have had something to do with an Islington shooting last month and a shooting in Clapton.

Back in 2006 it looked as if the police had stamped out the gang when its leader,
Abdullah Baybasin, was jailed for 22 years. The BBC said he started "a gang of young thugs known as the Bombacilar (Bombers) who spread fear throughout the Turkish and Kurdish community.


  1. Hi and thanks for mentioning my blog on yours, concerning the latest murder in Upper Clapton. My blog might sometimes show up as a "Hackney" blog, but in reality it's a blog about every thing.

    I'm new to Hackney, although I lived here in the late 70's and early 80's after which I took a gap year that lasted almost two decades...residing mainly in the USA.

    It's great to be back although my heart aches for those caught up in the violence that hackney is now renowned for.



  2. Good to hear from you and thanks for the comment - there's not much of it on this site... yet (hopefully that'll change).

    Otherwise, touch wood, I've managed to steer clear of violence in Hackney. I was mugged three times though but that tended to be when I was staggering home at 3am across Hackney Downs. Those days seem to be over. Hopefully the muggings too.

    For some reason I find the Turkish gangland stuff less scary just because it seems pretty clear what their motivation is - making money. The story about the kid/youth/man who fired a gun at a policeman is almost more extraordinary and, combined with some of the other things going on in the borough, suggests that some people are getting more brazen while their motives become less obvious. I don't know how you police that. And that's not to belittle the horrific murder either - or whatever seediness was going on behind it.

    Anyway, hopefully hear from you soon...

  3. Mugged 3 times? Gosh. I tend to drive most places and my days of staggering drunk out doors ended years ago :) These days I fall asleep and find myself still on the sofa in the living room. But on a serious note, there are times I can't sleep or up late and want some air and will take a couple of my dogs out for a walk at 1 am up and down my road.