Tuesday, 20 October 2009

How much do Hackney Councillors cost?

This piece in the Evening Standard says councillor's pay has increased by 20% over the last three years. Figures in the piece show Hackney came in 12th out of 32 London Boroughs in terms of total allowances for councillors and Mayor Jules Pipe is London's second highest paid council leader.

Not as interesting as this from the Hackney Gazette last year: "
AS council workers protested over pay last week, it has emerged that a town hall chief pocketed more than £310,000 last year.

Hackney Council's accounts for the last financial year show that the senior officer took home a massive pay-out, which could include redundancy payments, expenses and other allowances.

A council spokesman refused to identify the officer, saying: "The council is not able to disclose details of payments to individuals as these are confidential".

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