Thursday, 15 October 2009

Most Hackney charities are religious

According to data from a national survey of charities, 22% of Hackney charities say their main role is "Advancing religion and / or spiritual welfare by supporting religious or spiritual practice".

Charts are taken from Cabinet Office of the Third Sector's National Survey of Third Sector Organisations: (It should be noted that 285 charities took part in the survey but, according to the Charity Commission, there are 646 charities in Hackney in the Register of Charities)

Q6 Community development and mutual aid1717
Q6 Delivery of public services (e.g. social housing, health care, day centre, counselling, community safety)1421
Q6 Delivery of other services (e.g. business services, financial services, leisure, retail, manufacturing, community support)1614
Q6 Buildings and/or facilities (e.g. community centres, village halls, religious buildings but NOT social housing)157
Q6 Advocacy, campaigning, representation, information or research1018
Q6 Capacity building and other support to third sector organisations (e.g. acts as a coordinating or resource body)46
Q6 Grant makers (e.g. make grants to individuals or organisations)1112
Q6 Provides other finance41
Q6 Provides advice to individuals1018
Q6 Helps people to access services or benefits69
Q6 Provides staff and/or volunteers86
Q6 Advancing religion and / or spiritual welfare by supporting religious or spiritual practice1022
Q6 Advancing cultural awareness714
Q6 Other137
Q6 Cannot say31
Q6 No answer given97
Number of respondents48939285

In comparison, 7% of charities in neighbouring Tower Hamlets claim religion as their main role. But Newham has an even higher 23%.

The Hackney figure is more than twice the national average of 10%. The next most common role of charities in Hackney is: "Delivery of public services (e.g. social housing, health care, day centre, counselling, community safety)", with 21% of 285 Hackney-based organisations saying that this was their main role.

In response to the question "Which of the groups listed below are clients / users / beneficiaries of your organisation?" 36% said faith groups were amongst their clients, compared to a national average of 22%.

Have Hackney Charities had enough cash over the last 12 months? Apparently not and to a much higher extent than the national average:

Don't know11
Not applicable68
No answer given55
Number of respondents48939285

None-the-less, they think they have been successful.
How successful do Hackney charities think they have been over the last 12 months?
Hackney results in the right hand column (total 285 respondents):

Very successful4033
Fairly successful4949
Not very successful58
Not at all successful11
Don't know11
Not applicable34
No answer given23
Number of respondents48939285

So where does the cash come from?

Q13 Local borough or district council (Two tier only) [Grant]60
Q13 Local county council (Two tier only) [Grant]50
Q13 Local council (Single tier only) [Grant]1118
Q13 Local NHS body e.g. PCT / Strategic Health Authority (SHA) [Grant]34
Q13 Local Police / Fire Authority [Grant]10
Q13 Regional Development Agency [Grant]23
Q13 Other local partnership involving local statutory bodies [Grant]49
Q13 Other local statutory funding [Grant]57
Q13 None of these [Grant]6661
Q13 Don't know [Grant]10
Q13 No answer given [Grant]811
Number of respondents48939285

Were they happy with help from the council in raising money? No.

Very satisfied31
Fairly satisfied1210
Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied1320
Fairly dissatisfied1012
Very dissatisfied915
Don't know1012
Not applicable3824
No answer given66
Number of respondents48939285

But bear in mind that most don't have any dealings with the council on any issues:
"To what extent, if at all, does your organisation currently have any direct dealings with local statutory bodies in your area?"

A great amount69
A fair amount2019
Not very much3533
None at all3436
Don't know22
No answer given22
Number of respondents48939285

32% said that they carried out their work in the local authority, compared to the 20% national average - 17% said that they worked in their local neighbourhoods compared to a national average of 34%. Hackney also has a much higher proportion of internationally focussed organisations:

Q8 Internationally715
Q8 Nationally1220
Q8 Regionally1421
Q8 Your county council area (Two tier only)40
Q8 Your borough or district council area (Two tier only)90
Q8 Your local authority area (Single tier only)2032
Q8 Your neighbourhood3417
Q8 Cannot say10
Q8 No answer given44
Number of respondents48939285

So how many people in the borough are employed in the third sector?

No employees5642
3 to 5911
6 to 10611
11 to 3069
31 plus56
No answer provided44
Number of respondents48939285

With 11% of the borough's 285 charities employing 3-5 people that's a possible of 94-156 people employed in these charities.

Another 11% of charities say they employ 6-10 people. That is a possible range of 188-313 people employed in these organisations.

9% of Hackney-based charities say they employ 11-30 people. That is a range of 282-769 people.

Lastly 6% of Hackney-based charities said that they employ at least 31 people, that is at least 530 people.

Adding the total minimum calculations shows that a minimum of 1094 people are employed in Hackney-based charities.

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