Tuesday, 17 April 2012

UPDATE: Mabley Green travellers now on Millfileds?

(UPDATED  with meeting details) Travellers moved into Millfields Park this week and the number of caravans on the site has increased since the first wave on Wednesday.

A resident who lives next to Millfields Park said the first travellers - who are now parked under the trees - got in on Wednesday. They drove onto the grass (near the cricket pitch) via the gates opposite the tennis courts on Chatsworth Road.

The next wave turned up yesterday (Monday) and got in over some railings on the other side of the park on Wattisfield Road.

A letter from the police to residents living around the park said: "It has become apparent through police intelligence reports and letters to Hackney Homes that travellers have now set up an 'unauthorised encampment' in Millfields Park."

A meeting is due to be held on Friday 20th April 2012 at  6pm in the 'Back Room' at the  Salvation Army 122-124 Lower Clapton Road. For more details of the meeting email hackneyleabridge.snt@met.police.uk.

Apparently these may be the same travellers who set up on Mabley Green which led to fears that Hackney could become the site of the next Dale Farm.

Last month Johnnie Walker, chairman of Hackney and Leyton Football League, which uses pitches on Mabley Green, told the Hackney Gazette that the Travellers may have moved the outskirts of the authorised site in St Teresa’s Close just metres down the road, where they had been parked illegally for months.

At the time he said: "What’s the point of moving them on if they’re just going to go next door?"

One traveller who claimed to have moved onto the park yesterday said that he would be moving off the site tomorrow (Wednesday) but would not answer anymore questions.


  1. Just spoken to council, they are preparing to move them on.

  2. Great thanks for that. Did you go to the meeting? I couldn't make it. If you did and there was anything interesting it would be great to hear about it.

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