Monday, 27 February 2012

Rabbi Abraham Pinter: amazed any words are left in Charedi dictionary

Rabbi Abraham Pinter answered questions on Hackney's ultra orthodox or Charedi community.  Here he discusses the publication of a dictionary by the Stamford Hill-based Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations.

A full list of questions put to Rabbi Pinter and links to his answers can be found here.

Do you approve of an English dictionary that doesn’t include words like church, mosque, penis or vagina? (Charedi dictionary story)

Rabbi Pinter: I haven’t seen a copy so it is difficult for me to comment. But I can understand that there may be language that, when my children were at an impressionable age, I would want them to avoid.

I can understand why it could cause concern but I really don’t know the thought process that went on behind it. All I can suggest with the diversity of views that there are. When you have something that gets approved by everybody they have to cut down more and more words as everybody’s interests have to be met. I’m amazed there’s any words left at all.

Will you have it in your school?

Rabbi Pinter: We don’t have it at the moment but if individual pupils will want it then we will not object.

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