Friday, 22 January 2010

Hackney's political ambassadors?

Yesterday another blogger (Stephen Glenn) noted the busy schedule of Meg Hillier's surgery organiser. In a story titled "Serial applicant heading (or not) for Livingston" he said: "As even my brief research showed this is the fifth seat in recent months she (Adenike Rachel Abimbola-Akindele) has been mentioned as being on the shortlist for."

Back in December she turned up in Thurrock hoping to replace Andrew Mackinlay - from the Thurrock Gazette

In October Blood and Property mentioned Abimbola-Akindele after the North West Evening Mail mentioned her fight for a Labour candidacy in the North West (Barrow):

She told the paper: “I have recruited many members since I became the chairperson of Queensbridge ward in Hackney.

“I also hold the post of the surgeries manager at Meg Hilliers’ (MP for Hackney South and Shoreditch) surgeries assisting the senior caseworker.”

A commentator on Labourhome was not a fan (comments section) and seemed to have done some similar research: "Adenike Rachel Abimbola-Akindele is a serial applicant who is putting her cv for most seats, she does not turn up at selections or go to the area but because she is a woman and BAME is always shortlisted. It’s a shame as it is blocking places for more worthwhile applicants who have worked the area for many weeks before nominations. Also, as can be seen in Barrow, she is being tactically nominated by some branches to ensure that their man (John Woodcock – Gordan’s Spad) faces less competition."

I don't know if these criticisms are fair but similar complaints have been levelled at Nargis Khan, another ambassador for Hackney politics, who is up north somewhere (Wigan) after leaving confusion in Haggerston and being de-selected from Dalston.


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  2. By the way there is no 'e' on the end of our Livingston, it is a common mistake.

    Instead of being named after the missionary and explorer the villiage had been around from before names after Leven's house and therefore is Leven's Town. :)

    Thanks for the link back.

  3. Sorry about that. Thanks for pointing it out. I'll change it. And thanks for your link too! There seems to be a few more people reading this blog these days - I wish, like you, they'd tell me what's wrong with what I've written, I'm sure it's full of mistakes.