Sunday, 19 August 2012

North Mid's skids: human faeces left outside new hospital

I went to see a friend at North Middlesex University Hospital this evening (Sunday). He is a smoker and we sat outside the £121 million recently refurbished hospital while he had a fag.

We sat on a bench to the side of the main entrance and I noticed a trail of what looked like mud on the ground next to the bench. Then I heard a couple of people lingering nearby dissuading their friends from walking into the area due to the "human shit" on the floor.

I asked my friend  if it was indeed human shit and he said yes, adding that it had been there since Friday when an unfortunate patient smoker had been caught short. My friend has worse things to worry about at the moment, but I couldn't help wondering why no one had cleaned it up.

We are not supposed to judge books by their covers but some covers are harder to get past than others.

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