Sunday, 15 May 2011

Meg Hillier: "I'm not your love, matey, OK?"

Hackney South MP Meg Hillier seems to have been having interesting run-ins with Tory ministers.

The Express quotes Meg replying: "I'm not your love, matey, OK?" to an as-yet-unknown comment by Energy Minister Greg Barker.

Meanwhile details have emerged about a much older encounter she had with Tory defence minister Andrew Robathan and which she described on a blog by Sky News Sophie Ridge:

"I came back to vote only a short time after giving birth because of the peculiar nature of the job, but I was post natal and breastfeeding at the time.

"So I was gobsmacked to be challenged in this way - it was like stepping back in time. You don't expect that reaction in the modern world. When I told him that I was post natal, he actually demanded to know how many weeks!"

That was back in 2009 while Labour was in power and, after the incident, Meg's whips arranged for her to vote via phone.


  1. “I’m not you're love, matey, ok?” I think not! You seem to have slipped in an 'ackney 'apostrophe.

    She is recorded by Hansard as saying: “I’m not your love, matey, ok?”

  2. Thanks for that... (should have been changed)