Sunday, 27 March 2011

Random Hackney bits and pieces

Hackney is one of the few districts in the UK that has is now 100% completed 100% on Open Street Map according to Suprageography

Launch of City Safe in Hackney - zones where shopkeepers report 100% of all crime and antisocial behaviour: "As part of the action, teams of young people, teachers, neighbours visited shops on Upper Clapton Road to start building relationships in the view to get them to sign up to the scheme."

Winnie the Pooh on the banks of some murky Hackney waterway...

The Hackney Post reported £30 million of Hackney council taxes remain uncollected: "In Hackney, 7.6 per cent went uncollected last year from an estimated net collectible debt of £68.3m, meaning £4.9m was left owing". Hackney gets an extra shot of news (for short spell each year as far as I can tell) from the Hackney Post which is run by post graduate students at City University London.

Hackney Secular Singers: a punk choir

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