Monday, 7 December 2009

From one racist row to the next

Diane Abbott has commented on an allegedly racist blog on the Spectator website by commentator Rod Liddle. Here's a link to his post and here's a link to Diane's response in an interview with the Telegraph. She said: "It is obviously statistically false to say that the 'overwhelming majority' of the crimes listed by Rod are committed by young black men" adding that if he had said Jew rather than Afro-Caribbean the sentiment would not have been "out of place in a speech by Oswald Mosley."

Last month Diane was at the centre of another racism row after Andrew Neil described her as a Chocolate HobNob on "This Week": Telegraph story and a Guardian comment piece

Believe this conspiracy or be a racist...


  1. Hi,

    Sorry, I'm commenting on the wrong post . . . just wondering whether you received any further feedback on your FOI request regarding number of kidnappings?

    If you're able to, please reply on - I write for this:


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  2. Sorry Gary I missed this. I did get a reply and I'll email you. I'm waiting for more at the moment. Unfortunately the FOI process took well over the alloted time and when I got the answers they had apparently misunderstood the important ones. The easiest thing to do was to resubmit those questions as the complaints process would have taken even longer.