Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Are there enough detectives in Hackney?

The Evening Standard wrote a story to highlight the anniversary of the unsolved death of a Hackney boy who died after falling 60 feet. The police believe he was being chased by a gang.

Detective Chief Inspector Phil Rickells told the Standard: "I am trying to establish whether he was pushed or whether he fell. We know some people entered the block."

Hopefully DCI Rickells is not affected by the shortage of detectives reported by the BBC - apparently there are 5,000 fewer than there should be. Meanwhile is most of the serious crime in Hackney being dealt with by cops from outside the borough like Operation Trident?

According to its website, Operation Trident has 350 police officers and 86 support staff. It was set up in 1998 because 75% of London's gun crime involved the victim and suspect both coming from the capital's black communities. All good, but what happens if Operation Trident gets over-stretched?

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