Saturday, 2 May 2009

Is Hackney 2009 better than Hackney 2007 - 7,400 on incapacity benefit, 63% of them under 50.

Meg Hillier 22nd April 2009: "The budget includes a number of measures to support jobs and people out of work. 18-24 year olds who reach 12 months of unemployment will be guaranteed a job, training or work placement to ensure they do not get stuck in long-term unemployment. An additional £1.7 billion has been set aside for the Department of Work and Pensions for extra support for all jobseekers through Jobcentre Plus."

Meg Hillier 8th May 2007: "Hackney, South and Shoreditch is the constituency with the second highest number of incapacity benefit claimants in London, and it has the 31st highest number nationally. In my constituency alone, 7,400 people are on incapacity benefit, 63 per cent. of whom are under 50, which clearly indicates that a significant number of people have problems that are not connected with being old and tired from work, or worn out and disabled in that way. Their mental health problems often stem from other problems such as substance abuse. We need to consider the way in which jobcentres deal with people with mental health issues.

"The time scales involved in requiring people to return to work and the understanding of episodic mental health problems are often severely lacking. I spoke to a user who told me that if they went along on a good day, the person at the jobcentre would say, “You’re fine. Why can’t you work?” Understanding is not always forthcoming, and we all need to work to highlight the issue and encourage employers in our constituencies to recognise that they can employ someone with a mental health problem, as long as they make sure that they have the right support."

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