Saturday, 18 April 2009

Hackney cuts will be worst... and some fraud?

Hackney in the news.

"A Daily Telegraph investigation has established that local authorities in England and Wales are slashing budgets by up to 10 per cent, with social services, education and transport bearing the brunt of the cuts." Hackney is amongst the four authorities across the UK expected to make the most severe cuts.

A story from last week which doesn't mention Hackney, but is this sort of thing happening in Hackney? "BDO fraud investigator Simon Bevan said partners at his firm were dealing with cases of crooked lawyers and surveyors attempting to short-change housing associations. In other instances, senior managers had spotted opportunities to siphon money from new social housing developments." From the Observer: "Losses soar as housing trusts fall victim of fraud"

And just because it mentions Stoke Newington, Financial Times reports that more people are mending their clothes interviewing a Bow shopkeeper.

And nothing to do with Hackney, but How bad will it be?

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